About the Barkeeps

The Dave Bio

So John did this, so I should too - and it's been a long time coming!! To paraphrase Yoda, Nerdy, I am.  Beer and Disney, I like. (The best part is that I just made you read that last sentence in a Yoda voice - Dave for the win!!).  So I used to do this whole "blog...

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David and John share a couple of other things in common, in addition to their love of great beer and Walt Disney World. Both John and David have appeared on a number of episodes of the DISDads Podcast and/or the DAD Show, and have been active members of the DISDads online community for several years.

More recently, both John and David have become independent contractor travel agents, with the Mouse Master℠ Travel service of Fantastic Memories Travel, LLC. They would both be happy to help you with your Disney Destination vacation planning needs.