One of my favorite spots in Animal Kingdom is the Dawa Bar, go figure! It’s a great place to grab a cold beer and enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa. They have a nice selection of brews including some American beers and a couple of African beers.

On a recent trip, I was after my normal beer here, St. George’s lager. That particular beer was sold out and I “settled” for a Golden Monkey. Sometimes the best things you find by accident! Brewed by Victory Brewing it packs quite a punch at 9.5%. Beer is poured from a bottle, not on draft. It’s a Belgian style Trippel ale, pretty strong. Starts out with a slight banana aroma, you can taste nutmeg, clove and some other fruit flavors as you enjoy the beer. All in all a very, very good beer! Next time you’re at Animal Kingdom, don’t despair! You can still find great beer!