Weekly Pint Podcast 34 – A Trip Report with Justin

Weekly Pint Podcast 34 – A Trip Report with Justin

Dave talks with Justin West about his recent trip to Walt Disney World, touching on beers in Germany, the new Margarita stand in Mexico, Baseline Tap House, Toy Story Land and whole lot of other topics in the marathon of an episode.  Lots of good nuggets throughout about traveling to WDW with kids and as part of a large party.
The Dave Bio

The Dave Bio

So John did this, so I should too – and it’s been a long time coming!!

To paraphrase Yoda, Nerdy, I am.  Beer and Disney, I like. (The best part is that I just made you read that last sentence in a Yoda voice – Dave for the win!!).  So I used to do this whole “blog thing” back in the day – don’t search for it – writing about home brewing and Pennsylvania beer, so now I’m excited to include the previous nerdy hobby and add one of my other #obsessions.

Am I doing this number sign thing right?

What was I talking about – oh yeah, beer and Walt Disney World.  It seems an unlikely marriage, but if you’ve ever been stuck at Tusker House for breakfast with not one, but TWO Brazilian tour groups (no, I’m not speaking from experience *wink*), I’m sure you sought out your adult beverage of choice as quickly as possible.  Mine happens to be beer.

Not just beer, but Craft beer.

It’s difficult to pinpoint when my interest in beer beer began, but I know that throughout my early 20’s I would frequent brewpubs trying whatever libations they would pour.  Then I took it to a completely different level in 2007 when I began home brewing and seeking out incredible beers from across this great nation.

However, it’s easy to nail down when I became a WDW fan.  I made my first trip in 1990 at the age of 10, and ever since then “the World” has been my happy place.  We traveled there yearly throughout my teens, and I’ve continued the yearly tradition with my kids.  The best part – WDW has done a good job at making it a destination for adults as much as kids.  Specifically, Disney has focused on offering some pretty solid craft beers throughout property.

And that’s why John and I are here.  We’re gonna talk beer and Disney news, plus a focus on continuing your journey through this maze called Craft Beer, and hopefully help maximize your enjoyment of said fermented beverage, not only on Property, but off as well.

Cheers, all!


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Hi there, I’m Beersolo (John Peters)

Hi there, I’m Beersolo (John Peters)

John Peters at the Brewer's Collection boothMy name is John Peters, I’m co-host of The Weekly Pint Podcast.  I’m going to give writing a blog a shot.  I grew up in Orlando, and other than an enlistment in the Navy, lived my entire life in Central Florida.  As a kid my local park was The Magic Kingdom.  My teenage jobs were at Wet-n-Wild and at WDW.  I was lucky enough to attend the soft openings for EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and Universal Studios.

We currently have annual passes to WDW and Universal.  Although I’ve been a Disney fan my entire life, it wasn’t until we bought DVC that I really geeked out.   We’ve stayed at most of the on-site Disney resorts and even stayed over at Universal a couple of times.

What I’d like to do with this blog is share some of the information that I have gathered through 45 years of theme park attendance.  Some of the topics that I plan on covering are best beer deals on property, touring the parks in an ECV, doing character M&Gs as an adult, things to be aware of before you move to Florida, touring the F&W fest, and hidden spots.

If you have any ideas or feedback, please send me a message!  Thanks! John



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