So you’re headed to Disney World for the first time as an adult couple, or you’re on a solo trip.  You’re thinking I love getting pictures with characters, but I can’t do that without kids.  I’m here to say bull crap! When my son was young, some of the best times I ever had at the parks was getting the pictures with characters.  He grew into a teenager and now has no interest.  My wife and I decided that shouldn’t stop us!  Face it folks, if you’re spending your hard earned money going to Disney, you’re nothing but a big kid anyway! Go ahead and have all the fun you can! I’m a truck driving, beer drinking, tattooed guy, but when I can get a picture with Mickey Mouse I’m 8 years old again!

1. Don’t be embarrassed, have fun!

2. Don’t be surprised if a kid butts in front of you!

3. If it’s a face character ask questions, “Tianna , do you prefer etoufee or gumbo”, “Belle, what’s your favorite book”? It makes the interaction a lot more memorable.

Why do I take the time to do these pictures? Memories, and the fact that everytime I walk away from a Character interaction I’m in a great mood! So, take the time and do a Meet & Greet!